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As a nurse, wouldn’t you love a supplemental job that allows you to work from home? HEDIS abstraction might be the answer for you!

On my Facebook group Remote Nursing Jobs, I am often asked what HEDIS abstraction is and how nurses can find work as remote HEDIS abstractors.

What is HEDIS?

HEDIS stands for the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set and it is a tool used every year by 90% of health plans to measure the quality of care provided. There are 90+ measures including childhood immunizations, cancer screenings, diabetes care, hypertension control, behavioral health monitoring, and more. This can be a great way to get into abstraction due to the wide variety of specialty areas offered!

Here is Tthe complete list of 2019 measures from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA):

What is HEDIS abstraction?

Abstraction is the process of reviewing a full story and pulling key information that can be transformed into usable data.

HEDIS nurses and coders review medical records and abstract information like blood pressure readings, dates of immunizations, results of diabetic eye exams, and more. Then, this data is entered into software which tracks it on a larger scale.

HEDIS abstraction is seasonal and occurs yearly from January to May. During this time, data from the previous year is evaluated (so, 2019 HEDIS nurses are reviewing 2018 medical records). After May, the HEDIS results are reviewed by auditors and, by the end of the year, the results are ready for reporting. HEDIS efforts continue year-round, but the actual abstraction process only lasts 4-5 months per year and this is the primary role you will find on job boards.

Are all HEDIS abstraction jobs offered remotely?

No. In fact, many HEDIS positions are based locally and include driving to physician offices to review charts on site. However, many companies do offer remote HEDIS abstraction and charts are reviewed electronically.

Though HEDIS abstraction is seasonal and temporary, many companies offer both full-time and part-time hours during this time. Some companies require the abstractor to work during normal business hours whereas others allow flexible schedules (nights, weekends).

How do I become qualified for HEDIS abstraction?

Most people gain experience on the job. My biggest advice for landing a remote HEDIS abstraction job is to first look for a HEDIS abstraction position in your local area. After at least 1 year of this, you will be much more qualified for remote work at other companies. I would also still apply to any remote positions you see and are mostly qualified for, but just know it will be difficult to obtain without experience.

Another thing you can do is review your job history. Have you worked in a physician office that followed HEDIS standards? Are you knowledgeable of HEDIS measures? Have any of your job duties supported HEDIS compliance? Have you done any chart review or data abstraction outside of HEDIS? Tailor your resume to highlight these attributes. Most nurses are obviously experienced at the bedside and this is reflected in every single resume they receive. How can you show you have HEDIS-related experience and point this out right away?

When do job postings for HEDIS abstraction start going up?

HEDIS jobs start posting in early Fall, around late September and early October. Interviews are usually conducted by November and hiring decisions tend to be made by December.

Do HEDIS positions offer benefits?

For the most part, HEDIS abstraction positions are contract, seasonal jobs that do not offer benefits. For many of these jobs, you will need to manage your own tax responsibility at the end of the year (taxes are not taken out of every paycheck). This is really not as intimidating as it sounds, especially using an accountant or tax software. Just make sure to set money aside from each paycheck!


HEDIS abstraction can be a great option for nurses who want to work from home, make supplemental income, and gain data abstraction experience. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for HEDIS job postings in early Fall. In fact, I have a page on RemoteMedicalJobs.com dedicated specifically to HEDIS positions! Click here:

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