Remote Nurse Practitioner – Compact License

Job Overview

  • Clinical License APRN
  • State(s) Compact

About the job

We are looking for Full-time & Part-time Nurse Practitioners who are licensed in multiple states, including Hawaii. Position is 1099 contract for 60 days. Hours of operation are around the clock (24/7) Monday-Sunday 7am-7am EST. As a telemedicine nurse practitioner, your job is to provide remote treatment for patients through online consultation and telehealth services. Your primary role in this job is to provide advice and consultation, particularly as it relates to treatment options, lab testing, and whether or not a patient needs to visit a clinic or hospital.

Current Shifts Available:

  • Mon-Fri: 6pm-12am EST (30 hours)
  • Weekends: 12pm-6pm EST (12 hours)
  • Floaters (5-25 hours weekly)


  • Conducting virtual consultations with patients to assess medical histories, symptoms, and provide medical advice.
  • Ordering diagnostic tests, such as blood tests or imaging, and interpreting the results.
  • Prescribe medications or recommend treatments based on patient evaluations.
  • Provide follow-up care and monitor patient progress over time.
  • Referring patients to specialists or other healthcare providers when necessary.
  • Documenting patient medical records accurately and securely in the electronic health record (EHR) system.
  • Collaborating with other healthcare professionals, including nurses and specialists, to provide comprehensive care.
  • Staying current on the latest telemedicine technologies, medical practices, and guidelines.
  • Adhering to ethical and legal guidelines while maintaining patient confidentiality.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must have Active and unrestricted licensed in multiple states, including Hawaii.
  • Must have a Masters Degree in Nursing or Doctorate in Nursing-Required
  • Must have Active Nurse Practitioner certification through a national board-Required
  • At least two years working in Telemedicine/Telehealth-Required
  • At least five years as a nurse practitioner-Required
  • Training or certification for a telemedicine program is a plus! This is to ensure familiarity with the technology and protocols involved in delivering care remotely.
  • Must have strong communication and interpersonal skills: Must be able to communicate effectively with patients and other healthcare providers, even when not in the same physical location.
  • Must be comfortable using technology to communicate with patients and other healthcare providers, and must have access to a reliable internet connection and appropriate devices (such as a computer or mobile device) to deliver care remotely.
  • Must be experienced in using telemedicine software/applications.
  • Must be compliant with privacy and security regulations: must be familiar with and comply with relevant privacy and security regulations, such as HIPAA, to protect patient information and ensure the security of telemedicine platforms and software.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Five plus years experience in Telemedicine.
  • Experience with various Telemedicine software.

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