Remote Patient Liaison (LPN/LVN, RN, APRN)

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  • Clinical License LPN, RN, APRN
  • State(s) Nationwide

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$65,000 – $85,000 a year
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Enterra Medical is dedicated to helping more people with chronic gastroparesis live better lives through advancing technology, bolstering clinical science, and accelerating patient access to Enterra Therapy™. The FDA approved the Humanitarian Device Exemption for Enterra Therapy in 2000. Over 15,000 people have received Enterra Therapy to help resume everyday activities. In 2022, Enterra Medical assumed commercial responsibility of Enterra Therapy.


The Patient Liaison role at Enterra Medical is responsible for communication and coordination with people who are interested in learning more about the Enterra Therapy System. The Enterra Therapy System was approved by the FDA under HDE for the treatment of chronic intractable (drug refractory) nausea and vomiting secondary to gastroparesis of diabetic or idiopathic etiology in patients aged 18 to 70 years.

The Patient Liaison serves as the face and voice of the company to patients, playing a personal and fulfilling role helping them through their treatment journeys, particularly as they consider Enterra Therapy. This person will have conversations (phone, email, video) with patients who have opted in to receive information about Enterra Therapy. The primary purpose of this role is to help answer patient questions and provide educational materials as they consider their options. The Patient Liaison will follow-up with patients periodically as they pursue treatment, helping to answer questions or connecting the patient with additional resources (active treatment centers, patient ambassadors, FAQs, webinars, etc.).

Patient Liaisons are on the front line of answering questions posed by patients and their caregivers. In this role, the primary responsibilities are to:

  • Introduce the therapy/company to interested patients in a fact-based and compliant way
  • Deliver curated educational resources
  • Explain therapy process and steps
  • Connect patient to care teams that have opted in to receive referrals
  • Follow-up with patients progressing toward implant
  • Communicate with field sales on behalf of patients as they link them to prescribing and/or implanting physicians


The ideal candidate with have a medical background (i.e., RN) and have considerable experience working with patients through a motility clinic or a GI practice focused on digestive diseases.

  • Gastroenterology (gastrointestinal, or GI) Nurse (RN, LPN, or NP)
  • At least 5 years of experience in nursing with strong preference for motility clinic experience
  • Customer and patient focused experience
  • Excellent communication skills – both written and verbal
  • Detail oriented – ability to manage multiple patient cases and streams of communication in parallel
  • Must have strong interpersonal skills and an ability to empathize with patients and ‘walk in their shoes’
  • Comfort with tools to organize communication across many patients (tracking tools, email services, etc.)
  • Unwavering ability to adhere to regulatory requirements and clear limits on what can be conveyed to patients about the therapy and supporting data
  • Strength in problem solving is essential
  • Experience with Gastric Electrical Stimulation (GES) devices is a plus
  • Entrepreneurial spirit that can operate independently yet compliantly
  • Ability to work in a remote environment



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