Remote Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner – Virginia

Job Overview

  • Clinical License APRN, PMHNP
  • State(s) VA

Full job description

This position involves providing comprehensive psychiatric assessments, diagnosing mental health disorders, developing treatment plans, and managing the ongoing care of patients with psychiatric conditions. The role of a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is critical in delivering quality mental health services, improving patient outcomes, and collaborating with other healthcare professionals to ensure holistic care for individuals with mental health needs.


Clinical Assessment: Conduct thorough psychiatric evaluations, including mental health histories, physical assessments, and psychological assessments, to diagnose mental health conditions and identify potential comorbidities.

Diagnosis: Utilize diagnostic criteria, clinical judgment, and assessment findings to accurately diagnose various mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and others.

Treatment Planning: Develop personalized treatment plans based on individual patient needs, incorporating evidence-based therapies, pharmacological interventions, counseling, and other therapeutic modalities.

Medication Management: Prescribe and manage psychotropic medications, monitor their effectiveness, adjust dosages as necessary, and educate patients about medication adherence and potential side effects.

Psychotherapy: Provide individual and group therapy sessions to address emotional, behavioral, and psychological challenges, facilitating patient insight, coping skills, and resilience.

Crisis Intervention: Assess and manage psychiatric emergencies and crises, implementing appropriate interventions to ensure patient safety and stability.

Collaborative Care: Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, to create a comprehensive and integrated treatment approach.

Patient Education: Educate patients and their families about mental health conditions, treatment options, coping strategies, and ways to support the patient’s recovery and well-being.

Record Keeping: Maintain accurate and up-to-date medical records, treatment plans, progress notes, and other necessary documentation in compliance with healthcare regulations and confidentiality standards.

Professional Development: Stay current with advancements in psychiatric and mental health care, attend continuing education sessions, and maintain certifications and licensure requirements.

Advocacy: Advocate for mental health awareness, destigmatization, and improved access to mental health services within the community and healthcare systems.

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $75.00 – $80.00 per hour

Medical specialties:

  • Psychiatry

Standard shift:

  • Day shift

Weekly schedule:

  • Monday to Friday

Work setting:

  • Remote
  • Telehealth


  • Certified Nurse Practitioner (Required)
  • PMHNP License in the state of VA (Required)
  • Do you have Autonomous practice in the state of Virginia? (Required)

Work Location: Remote



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