Remote Recent Math Grad – Claims Examiner Working Behind the Scenes in the Healthcare Industry (RN)

Job Overview

  • Clinical License RN
  • State(s) Nationwide

Love Puzzles?
Are you a Sudoku expert?
Ready to START YOUR CAREER using your Math or Actuarial Science degree?


Long-Term Care Claims Analyst/Examiner

START DATE: September 25, 2023

Full-Time (40 Hours per Week)

Pay: $18.75/hour + Benefits – including medical, dental, vision and 401k w/ matching

Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST / 7:00 am – 4:00 pm CST*

  • After your initial six weeks of paid training, your regular shift hours offer flexibility regarding when you start your day. However, your eight-hour shift must be completed by 6:00 PM ET.


Note: This is not a call center or customer service job

At Patriot RN, we pride ourselves on processing long-term care claims accurately and efficiently to provide crucial financial reimbursement to the people who need it most.

Working behind the scenes in the long-term care industry, our Claims Examiners provide deserving benefits to the aging and infirmed populations who depend on their claims to be accurately processed and ultimately paid.

The Patriot RN TEAM is unique. Each Claims Examiner starts their career the same way – with an opportunity for growth.

Patriot RN’s Claims Examiners are A-players and represent the top 10% of available talent in the market.

Our ROCKSTAR Claims Examiners are intelligent, detail-oriented, natural problem solvers, and want to grow and become more knowledgeable continuously.

Ideal Candidate Characteristics:

  • Recent college graduate with a B.S. in Math or Actuarial Sciences
  • Detail-oriented and highly organized – a Hermione Granger at heart!
  • Eager to take on any challenge in front of you
  • Self-driven with the ability to work effectively from a home office
  • Quick with math and numbers-oriented
  • It bothers you when your friends and family are not honest about even the most minor things
  • You wish everyone used common sense… like… all the time
  • Cognizant of the value of learning from mistakes or errors

Key Responsibilities and Measures of Success:

  • Adjudicate routine home health and facility-based claims for long-term care
    • 98% Financial Accuracy
  • Review and pay claims according to the claimant’s policy and prescribed plan of care. Verify the provider of care is appropriate and in accordance with contract language and government regulations regarding healthcare providers and matches the plan of care for the associated dates of service
    • 98% Procedural Accuracy
  • Determine benefit eligibility and payable amounts based on policy language and the client’s required procedures
    • 42 Claims Processed per Day

Learn more about working at Patriot RN:

When a Long-Term Care Claims Examiner does their job well (with attention to detail and accuracy in determining reimbursement), a long-term care beneficiary has enormous financial stress taken off their shoulders.

That is why our Claims Examiners share the following Core Values.



If shows like CSI are one of your favorite shows, and/or you love solving puzzles, you could be an excellent fit for our team. Peeling back layers of claims history and thoroughly examining the documentation is the crux of being a Patriot RN Claims Examiner.


If you have a gift for organization, enjoy working from lists, prefer to maintain a routine, prioritize quality, and are super focused- then we may have the dream role for you.


If you behave the same way, have the same attitudes towards people and things every day, and work diligently to hit the bar day in and day out without drama, then pinch yourself – this role is perfect for your personality!


If you are a bit of a nerd with a passion for lifelong learning and the desire to grow professionally and personally.

BONUS TRAIT: you “geek out” over process improvement – then WOW – consider yourself lucky for finding a genuine career field.


Honesty is a virtue and the true foundational value of our team. We expect honesty about situations or events. Additionally, we also expect honest communication between colleagues and managers. Being honest allows us to take responsibility for our work, improve any areas where we may be lacking, and ask for help when necessary


Medical, Dental, Vision

401k w/matching


Paid Holidays

PAY: $18.75/hour

Application Process:

1. Apply online

2. Complete online Assessment within 24 hours of application
Set aside at least 35 minutes to complete the Assessment, as it cannot be interrupted once it begins

3. Initial Zoom interview (Approximately 15 minutes)

4. Deep Dive Interview (Approximately one hour)

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