Remote Weight Management Nurse Practitioner – Georgia

Job Overview

  • Clinical License APRN
  • State(s) GA

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About Us

Welcome to Klarity Health, a forward-thinking healthcare technology startup with a clear vision: helping healthcare providers achieve independence and success in telehealth. We have enabled over 200 independent healthcare providers to deliver over 300,000 patient visits. focusing on providing exceptional care while we handle the rest. We are backed by top-tier venture capitals and renowned Fortune 500 companies like Mucker Capital and Zoom, we are committed to ensuring that providers can concentrate on delivering top-quality healthcare independently.

Our Mission & Values

At Klarity Health, our core mission is to empower independent healthcare providers to see more patients via telehealth, allowing them to concentrate on delivering high-quality healthcare. Our platform takes care of everything else – from patient marketing and compliance to engagement and billing. Our commitment is to make telehealth seamless and efficient, enabling providers to maximize their impact in the healthcare sector.

Why Providers Partner with Klarity

  • Your Practice, Your Control: At Klarity Health, we deeply value your independence. Enjoy the freedom to manage consultations, set your schedule, and decide on fees. We believe that you know your practice best, and our role is to facilitate, not dictate.
  • Rapid Caseload Building: Our extensive network, including klarityadhd.comand over 30+ healthcare listings, is designed to help your patient numbers flourish.
  • Easy-to-Use Tools with AI Enhancement: Utilize our full suite of patient marketing and EHR solutions, all enhanced with AI technology, to streamline your practice management. These tools simplify patient interactions and record-keeping, allowing you to focus more on patient care.
  • Support and Provider Community: We understand the importance of community and support in the healthcare industry. That’s why we offer dedicated support from our team and foster a community of providers. This environment allows for the sharing of best practices, insights, and experiences, enhancing your professional growth and enriching your practice with collective wisdom.


  • Active State License: Must be a licensed Nurse Practitioner in Georgia with authority to prescribe medications. A specialization in family practice, adult practice, or another relevant field is preferred.
  • Certification in Obesity Medicine (optional but preferred): Certification through the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) as a credential that highlights specialized knowledge in obesity and weight management.
  • Experience: Minimum of one year of post-licensure experience in weight management, obesity medicine, or related fields. Experience with pharmacological treatments for weight loss, including medications like Wegovy, is highly desirable.
  • Skills in Nutritional and Lifestyle Counseling: Proficiency in providing comprehensive weight management services, including dietary guidance, behavioral counseling, and exercise recommendations.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Active professional liability (malpractice) insurance coverage is required.


  • Telehealth Care Delivery: Provide empathetic, high-quality care to patients via telehealth across your specialty, utilizing individualized weight management approaches tailored to each patient’s needs.
  • Schedule Management: Effectively manage and adapt your consultation schedule to ensure accessible and timely support for your patients, catering to the dynamics of your specific medical specialty.
  • Service and Fee Structuring: Take responsibility for determining the medical services you offer, selecting the patient demographics you wish to serve, and setting and adjusting your fee structure. Ensure that your services and fees reflect the value and nature of the care you provide in your specialty.
  • Compliance with Standards and Regulations: Maintain high ethical standards and ensure strict compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines applicable to telehealth services in your medical specialty, including patient confidentiality and professional conduct.
  • Community Engagement: Actively participate in the Klarity Health provider community, sharing experiences, strategies, and insights, and learning from peers across various medical fields.

Job Types: Contract, Part-time

Benefits: Flexible schedule (Normal job benefit does not apply to us since we are not offering a W2 position here)

Work setting: 1) Fully Remote 2) Outpatient 3)Telehealth

Pay: Competitive with other jobs of the same title and location

Job Types: Part-time, Contract

Pay: $120.00 per hour

Expected hours: 2 – 20 per week


  • Flexible schedule

Medical specialties:

  • Bariatrics
  • Primary Care

Standard shift:

  • Day shift
  • Evening shift
  • Night shift

Weekly schedule:

  • Choose your own hours
  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekends as needed

Work setting:

  • Remote
  • Telehealth

Work Location: Remote

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