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What are some common remote Nursing jobs?

There are MANY!
Another AWESOME resource to discover what kinds of work-at-home nursing jobs exist, and with what companies, can be found in this article from the Work at Home Woman!

I have only ever worked bedside. Do I need remote experience to get a remote job?

NO! The most important element in getting a remote job is having experience in that job title. Yes, having experience working remotely is nice, but it takes so much less time and cost to train someone how to work remotely than it does to train them how to do the job!
My best advice is to figure out an area you are interested in. You can get an idea about what’s out there based on the FAQ question above (click the links and browse job descriptions). Once you have identified some jobs you might like, apply to those (DUH!), but then also search for those same positions in your hospital or local town. If you can get 2-3 years of solid experience in that job position, it will be so much easier to find a remote position later.
I would definitely apply to anything you are qualified (or mostly qualified) for, but getting some solid experience in that job role will seriously help!

Are there remote jobs for LPNs?

Yes! I do occasionally see LPN jobs. In fact, because they are posted less often than RN jobs, I usually post every one I find.
When conducting your search on this website, simply select “LPN” to see what’s available!

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