About Me

About Me

Sadie Glisson

Hey! I'm Sadie!

I am the Owner and Founder of Remote Medical Jobs, a space designed to help healthcare professionals find work-from-home jobs.

I am an RN who works from home myself and it completely changed my quality of life! After finding myself commenting on dozens of Facebook groups with advice for finding remote healthcare jobs, I decided to create my OWN group, starting with Remote Nursing Jobs.

The group absolutely EXPLODED in a matter of months (as of December 2019, we have 15,000k members!) and I decided to expand to other specialties, like Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Mental Health Professionals, and Allied Health Professionals, all under the canopy of Remote Medical Jobs.

I grew up in Florida and started my nursing career as a Pediatric Special Needs Care Coordinator, primarily serving patients with neurological disorders like Epilepsy and Autism. Then, I moved into the field of research where I became a Pediatric Oncology Clinical Research Coordinator. After a few years of that, my husband (a Nurse Practitioner) joined the army and told me we were moving to KANSAS with the potential to move every 3 years thereafter, so I started looking into remote work options.

I realized that this invisible area of nursing was a hidden gem! There were so many opportunities but they were scattered EVERYWHERE like shards of fresh-cut grass, hiding under rocks and trapped in the bushes. After several months of searching, investigating, applying, interviewing, failing, and learning, I eventually landed a remote job doing Oncology Data Abstraction which I continue today!

I now use all the information I learned in my job searches to help other healthcare professionals streamline the process and land jobs that truly fit their needs.

My goal in creating this community is truly to inspire nurses and other healthcare professionals to cultivate their own definitions of work and life to create happier, more flexible, more meaningful lives for themselves. My hope is that by giving you the knowledge, tools, and connections, you can pivot your job into a career that fits you rather than the other way around.

Remote work is the FUTURE and the future is NOW.

I'm so excited to ride this wave! Come join us!

Thank You for Visiting!

Remote Medical Jobs is a space designed to help medical professionals find work-from-home jobs. I am a nurse who works from home and, like a lunatic, I spend all my free time helping others do the same. Happy hunting!