Are you in need of a personalized consult to determine a Remote Nursing path best aligned with your unique experience, qualifications, and goals?

Your Email Consult is individually curated to account for  your unique clinical licences, geographic location, clinical experience, lifestyle factors, and professional goals. 

Upon thorough review of your profile, I will research job roles, companies, and recommendations to create a comprehensive report that helps you find, land, and love a remote nursing career path best aligned with YOUR unique profile!

  • What clinical licenses do you currently hold? 
  • What states are you licensed in? 
  • What is your clinical background/experience? 
  • If applicable, what was your previous career prior to nursing? 
  • Are you currently pursuing any additional education or qualifications? 
  • What are your future clinical interests? 
  • What is your motivating factor for finding a remote job? 
  • What do you value most in a job/employer/boss? 
  • What unique qualities/skills do you have as an individual person, beyond just your professional persona? 
  • Do you have any fears about going remote? What holds you back? 
  • Any specific guidance or questions you have regarding going remote?

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