Remote Nurse Practitioners – Flexible Telemed – Nationwide (Ongoing Posting)

Job Overview

Nurse practitioners at Wheel

We recognize the value of NPs and the critical role you play in easing our nation’s healthcare shortage by providing high-quality care. At Wheel, we focus on you — providing more opportunities with greater flexibility so you can love the job you do.

How it works

Wheel makes working in virtual care simple for nurse practitioners. Our platform helps you find more work-life balance while increasing your opportunity to provide care to more patients. Make a change while making a difference, and rest assured that we’ve always got your back.

  1. Simple credentialing & onboarding

    Once you’ve completed the application process and identified your collaborating physician, we’ll partner to complete one-time telemedicine credentialing, a Webside Manner review, and clinical protocol education for the telehealth opportunities that interest you.

  2. Start matching

    Based on your interests and experience, we’ll start matching you with remote care opportunities with a variety of partners — providing everything from remote patient monitoring to virtual diagnosis and treatment.

  3. Get to work!

    Start providing care on your terms — work anywhere, anytime, on your schedule. With the best telehealth positions available nationwide, you’re in the driver’s seat.


A better way to work in telehealth

A variety of care opportunities

With Wheel, we make it simple for you to work with as many virtual care companies as you want, giving you the diversity of conditions and treatment areas you would experience in a clinic setting.

Work remotely on your schedule

Design your clinical practice around your life without over-committing to shifts that don’t meet your needs. You design the schedule that works for you.

Virtual care made simple

Avoid the hassle of juggling telehealth companies yourself. WIth Wheel, you have one schedule, one contract, and one credentialing process. It’s that easy.

Advocating for you

Welcome to the future of work

Clinicians have historically been treated like commodities, leading to increasing burnout. At Wheel, we believe there’s a better way. When you experience a better way to work, your well-being and balance improves, empowering you to deliver even better care to the patients who need you.

Protecting your interests

At Wheel, we’re fiercely dedicated to our mission of focusing on clinicians. We meticulously vet our virtual care company partners to ensure they perform at the highest legal, regulatory and clinical standards. Because your license and livelihood should always be protected.

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